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Japanese Matcha Infused Sea Moss Gel

Introducing our Sea Moss Gel Infused With Japanese Matcha – a powerful fusion of two natural wonders designed to elevate your wellness routine to new heights. Our Sea Moss Gel Infused With Japanese Matcha is meticulously crafted to provide you with a premium blend of nutrient-rich sea moss and the...
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super food

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    This amazing product will be freshly made once we receive your order. Therefore, please allow us at least three working days for it to be prepared and delivered to you.
    Getting a monthly subscription can save you up to 150 AED.You can choose the subscription plan that fits your needs best.
    USE CODE-EID24 AT CHECKOUT & GET 15% DISCOUNT + FREE DELIVERY ALL OVER UAE (Offer Valid till 18th June) Please note: Orders placed from 14th June will be delivered after Eid holidays

Introducing our Sea Moss Gel Infused With Japanese Matcha – a powerful fusion of two natural wonders designed to elevate your wellness routine to new heights.

Our Sea Moss Gel Infused With Japanese Matcha is meticulously crafted to provide you with a premium blend of nutrient-rich sea moss and the renowned antioxidant properties of Japanese Matcha. This synergistic fusion offers a plethora of health benefits, delivering a potent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural compounds that can invigorate your body and mind. Sea Moss Infusion with Japanese Matcha is a nutrient-dense superfood that can complement your diet.

How To Store: Sea Moss Gel should be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. Freeze in ice cubes and store in the freezer for up to 6 months

How To Use: Take orally, consume 1-2 Tablespoons daily.  Blends easily into smoothies, shakes,oatmeal.  Use as a face or hair mask

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Spring Water, Lime and Japanese Matcha (Ceremonial Grade )

Date of expiration: 3 weeks from production date

To ensure freshness, we always make our Sea moss gel fresh to order in small batches. Please allow up to three days for your order to be fulfilled.

To maintain freshness, refrigerate your Gel immediately upon arrival.

What are your charges for delivery?

Sea moss gel and dry packets are delivered free of charge in Dubai.

For delivery in other Emirates, you will be charged AED 15 for sea moss Gel, AED 10/per delivery for monthly subscription.

Free Delivery all over UAE for Sea moss dry.

Within the UAE, deliveries will be made in three working days.

* We are using temperature control delivery for Sea moss gel   

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Customer Reviews

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Khalifa Ibrahim

It teast quite fine

Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you for providing us with your feedback and as you know we don't add any sweet and gold sea moss doesn't have any taste or smell.

please try our cinnamon or Blu berry infused sea moss gel

Stay Healthy...

Mohammed Ahmed

Japanese Matcha Infused Sea Moss Gel

Thank you

Taregh Izadpanah

Just if they will reduce the price its high thank you

Hi Taregh,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You might want to keep an eye out for promotions or Subscription options that could help you save on the cost.

Stay Healthy