About Us

Hello and Welcome to The Wonderful World of Sea Moss to Recharge your Cells!!

Eco Earth FZ LLC owns Seamoss.ae, a company that imports and distributes premium quality food products from around the world to the United Arab Emirates.

premium quality food productspremium quality food products

Eco Earth is an ISO 22000 certified company and accredited by the IAS.

Eco Earth LLC is collaborating with the Saint Lucian government to import and distribute Premium Quality Sea Moss products to the United Arab Emirates.

Our collaboration with Saint Lucian government ensures our sea moss is harvested sustainably and collected directly from fishermen and processed under the supervision of the Saint Lucian Government's fisheries department.  

Our sea moss is harvested by small-scale in the pristine waters of Saint Lucia. These waters are very close to the nearby volcanic lands and local folklore has it that the sea moss is fed nutrients from these nearby lands. Once Saint Lucian sea moss is cleaned, it is then left to dry under the glorious Saint Lucian sun for 3-7 days. When you purchase our authentic product, the farmers will have sustainable, Fair-trade way to make a living and improve their livelihoods.

Sea moss gels are made fresh to order. Please allow up to three days for your order to be fulfilled. The ingredients we use in our gels are all natural, organic, and vegan. Alkaline water is used to make them and they contain no preservatives other than lime.