Benefits of Sea Moss

Benefits of Sea Moss

92 minerals and vitamins that support your whole health. Every part of your body benefits from this powerful micro nutrients.

Sea Moss is low in fat and they have very few calories, making them ideal for bodybuilders or those who are fasting.

The minerals within the gel are absorbed into the blood much more efficiently then over the counter supplements, this is because it is a natural product.

They are perfectly safe for children to consume. Sea Moss provide a virtually tasteless natural boost of minerals to supplement your children’s diet.

Sea Moss is an excellent supplement for weight-loss. As an emulsifier, it liquefies fat and mucus, making it easier to eliminate body fat.

This superfood is rich in iodine and natural sea-cell-salts, which means it is beneficial for iron-deficiency anemia and balancing your metabolism.

Sea moss gel contains magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to hydrate and promote healthy skin. The skin can absorb the vitamins and minerals.

It is also antimicrobial and anti inflammatory, which means it can be effective for healing the skin of burns, scabs, wounds, eczema and premature aging. It can be used as a facial to restore elasticity and firmness to create new skin.

Some of the Key benefits are:


Can Help Improve Thyroid Function.

Sea moss is rich in iodine which helps to maintain healthy thyroid function. The thyroid uses iodine to make hormones. Our hormones help to regulate metabolism, digestion, and mood.

Improves Energy Levels

Sea Moss may help in improving energy levels due to its high levels of B vitamins. B vitamins help the body to effectively utilize the energy stored in the food we eat.

Immunity Booster/ Respiratory Health

Sea Moss is rich in amino acids, vitamin C, antioxidants, antiviral and antimicrobial agents. These can help the body to fight off and prevent infections. Sea Moss is also a great expectorant meaning it helps to expel built-up mucus from the lungs, making it great for healing coughs and other respiratory issues.

Nourishes the Skin

Sea Moss can be used to soothe irritating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and burns. Sea Moss has been known as ‘natures collagen’. Collagen is the protein that maintains smooth skin and silky hair.

May Improve Mental/ Emotional health

Sea moss is high in magnesium and potassium both of which are known for improving the mental state. Both minerals play a key role in brain function when the body is low on either, this can lower our mood.

Can Help with Weight Loss

Due to the high mineral content of Sea Moss, it helps to create a feeling of fullness and works as an appetite suppressant. Daily Sea Moss intake can be great if you are trying to lose weight!

Can Help with Radiation Poisoning

Sea Moss is rich in iodine. Iodine is said to help treat the effects of radiation poisoning.

Helps Improve Joint & Bone Health

Sea Moss is high in Omega-3, Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin-K, all of which help to maintain healthy joints and bones. Sea moss also works as a powerful anti-inflammatory so it can be good for people suffering from joint issues.

Great for Sexual Health

Sea Moss works as a natural aphrodisiac, helping to improve sex drive. It is also rich in Zinc, Vitamin E & Folate which helps with sperm production. Sea Moss can help to improve fertility in both males and females.

2 tablespoons (tbsp.) or a 10 gram (g) serving of sea moss contains approximately:

calories: 4.9
protein: 0.2 g
fat: 0 g
carbohydrates: 1.2 g
sugars: 0.1 g The same serving of sea moss also contains these vitamins and minerals:

calcium: 7.2 milligrams (mg)
magnesium: 14.4 mg
phosphorous: 15.7 mg
potassium: 6.3 mg
iron: 0.9 mg
zinc: 0.2 mg
copper: 0.02 mg
manganese: 0.04 mg